In this environment we need better ways to see and understand what’s around us. The acceleration of technology and networks is an acceleration of human potential. The question is how will we use that potential. “

What We Do

We work with clients at all stages of development to identify: crucial motivating social and environmental forces at work in any ecosystem or environment, the leading edge movers in the field, gaps & opportunities and the structure or medium that best accelerates positive impact.  We help with concept and design, find strategic and investment partners and develop complementary creative assets.

Project & Organizational Development

Mapping, Research & Environmental Analysis 

We do pattern recognition. We use peripheral vision to see the whole environment. Information Overload = Pattern Recognition. Seeing in patterns relieves the anxiety of chaos and complexity. If you have your head down focused on one thing you miss all that surrounds you. Mapping allows us to take a snapshot of movement in space. With practice these fractal visions reveal ways of seeing that reflect the whole system. Eventually this allows you to consciously participate in the unfolding pattern - to go with the flow. To recognize where you are in the wave of change and act in a way is complementary. To find the path of least resistance.  

Strategic Visioning  

We have been fortunate to see the early formation of important waves and the social triggers that develop into mainstream markets, cultural behaviors and movements. Examples include the rise of technology and the Internet in 1994 (the year the Web was born), the early formation of the Impact Investment marketplace in 2002 and the larger Social Innovation Movement in 2013.    

Concept & Structural Design

When you begin to recognize where you are in a wave of change it allows you to create structures that accelerate one or more aspects. Over time through trial and error we’ve learned from experience what works and what doesn’t work  in accelerating positive change through the development of new companies, networks, platforms & structures, new tools and catalytic events.  We want to share this experience with you to achieve higher states of well being together.  

Partnership & Investor Development

Our deep and diverse network at grass roots and leading edge scales helps us identify the strategic partners, collaborators, talent and investors that will make the difference.

Impact Investor Services

We helped pioneer impact investing and working with amazing partners have continued to seed its growth in the US and in Latin America.  We provide investor services that create meaningful social and financial return with high impact including providing strategic guidance, porforlio structuring, investor roadmaps and due diligence.  

Creative Services

We connect people that should be connected; find synergies in complementary initiatives and gather creative talent to tell stories, to inspire and to motivate new behavior. 


Who We Work With

Investors, foundations, governments, entrepreneurs, accelerators & incubators, fund managers, corporations, angel networks, wealthy individuals, communication companies and more. Click below to see more of our portfolio.